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orange-red clay at cone 4

updated mon 16 feb 98


Pat Chesney on sun 15 feb 98

I have mixed a mid-range clay body that is easy to mix and gives an
orange-red-brown color. It is vitreous (2% at cone 4) and will go up to
cone 6 or 7. At cone 4 it looks like a dark flower pot earthenware.

Redart 50%
Goldart 25%
Ball clay 25%

It is a very tight body and very smooth. Add grog to loosen it up (but
increase the water absorption).
Vary the amount of Redart with the other white ingredients to lighten the
color. (but increase the maturation temperature also-increases the
absorption at a lower temp.) It has a wonderful fit with my glazes. The
down side is the Goldart-it is very variable and some batches will bloat

Good luck,

Pat Chesney
Waco, Texas