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growing sculptures

updated mon 16 feb 98


Mel Jacobson on sun 15 feb 98

let it go....keep going.

i have made a kaowool tent over big pots... fired in my little electric
bisque kiln. just form a teepee over the piece...and attach to the top of
the kiln with bricks.
works like a charm.

ps. i have always had rings in my kiln....just because i only use it for was purchased in 1966....just put in new coils and sprayed
all with itc. 29 years is not so bad with one set of coils. (by
the way, they did not burn out...just changed cuzz i was going to spray)
and it again tells you just how much strain there is when you fire
a kiln past cone 6. for many of you out there with electric kilns.
why fire cone 10.?....find glazes and clays that make great pots at 6...
i have said many times on clayart that there are very few fuel kilns
in japan.....and they make magic with electric kilns.....they just do the
research to make clay and glaze match at oxidation......and do they ever
use stains well.