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needed slip casting porcelain recipe (re: ^8-9)

updated fri 13 feb 98


Andrew Lubow on thu 12 feb 98

I have an untested formula I picked up in a class sometime ago. Maybe this
will be of use to you.

Cone 8-9 Creamy White Casting Porcelain
Custer Spar 40
EPK 35
Flint 20
Calcium Carbonate 5

Soda Ash 0.2
Sodium Bicarbonate 0.2

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From: Israel Shmueli
To: Multiple recipients of list CLAYART
Date: Tuesday, February 10, 1998 10:26 AM
Subject: needed slip casting porcelain recipe

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Hello Clayarters

Do any of you can kindly share a recipe for
^6 to ^8 slip casting porclain clay body.
I have an access to EPK and Grolleg.
Recipe that is based on each of them will be
more than wellcome.
Thank You

Israel Shmueli