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don't put oxides or stain in your printer!

updated fri 13 feb 98


Christi Grame on thu 12 feb 98

As a recent manager of my local Kinko's and a color printer/copier know it
all! (yeah right!) Please do NOT put anything other then the toner that is
recomended by your printer. (I know you wouldn't do that.) You will
probably break your printer beyond the cost of buying a new one otherwise.
Toner is made of special materials that have the exact melting temperature
of your fuser. All printers and copiers operate at a different fuser
temperature, that's why copiers/printers have different toners. I would
imagine if you are firing high enough that the toner will burn out.
Someone else mentioned pulling out the paper before it goes through the
fuser. This is really hard to time and it really doesn't look very good
either. Most copiers/printers put down the color in layers, cyan, magenta,
yellow and black so if you pull it out before it's all melted together
(fused) it just looks like layers of toner dust and is really messy.
I just thought I'd throw in my two cents and it's nice to know that the
four years ( I felt I wasted) at a "Real Job" really did give me some

Christi Grame

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