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a question for the clayart brain

updated mon 16 feb 98 on wed 11 feb 98

I have a question for the collective Clayart Brain:

I would love to use this glaze, but it is a cone 10. What can I add to
lower the temp to cone 6 OX?

White Glaze

Custer Spar 30%
Neph Sy 4
Dolomite 13
Whiting 4
Colemanite 3
Barium Co3 5
MG Zirconium
Sillicate 2
Silica 20
EPK 10
Calcined Kaolin 9

paul wilmoth on sun 15 feb 98

Try changing the custer spar to neph sy. and then drop the total kaolin
content to no more than 10%. Also jump on the insight program - look at
the limit formulas for the ^6 renge and change the glaze from the unity
formula level - this is the best way!! Good Luck - Paul

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