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japanese exhibition catalogs

updated fri 17 jul 98


Robert Yellin on sun 8 feb 98

Greetings from Olympic Japan-
I just got some new catalogs and am sending you the list to view-
please let me know if you have any questions and since each is out of
print and a single copy please email me so that I reserve it for you.

1.Bizen- Three generations of Fujiwara- a hard cover deluxe book from a
1993 exhibtion
that features the second Living National Treasure for Bizen- Fujiwara
the current LNT, Kei's son Yu, Kei's second son Kyousuke who fires
Oribe and
his own style Bizen Shino and Yu's son Kazu, also a Bizen artist.
192 pages, all print in Japanese, each page has large color photos
174 pieces
in total. B&W phot album gallery in back. Good condition $75
2. Bizen- A Thousand Years exhibiton featuring work from the Heian
up to 1975 when the exhibition was held. 12 color and 150 B&W
photos- a few other
photos show the town of Bizen and sherds. All essays in Japanese,
good condition
143 pages $50
3.Arakawa Toyozo hardcover exhibition catalog from 1978 while Arakawa
was still
alive. The calligraphy on the cover is by the man himself-
his name. A nice opening photo of Arakawa on the wheel and a closing
photo of his thatched-roofed home. All essays and information are
in Japanese but printed on fine rice paper. The pieces are all his
masterpieces and included all Mino styles and Underglaze blue
porcelains as well- 67 pieces in all- all single page color photos.
The book has some slight yellowing on the edges- but it is a
catalog on this Japanese pottery giant. $75.
4. Masterpieces of Contemporary Japanese Craft- Commemorative
for the Opening of the Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern
1977- A wonderful catalog that covers pottery, bamboo, textiles,
metalwork. 81 color photos, 90 B&W. Opening essay and list of works
are also in
English. 115 pages, soft cover. Covers all major artisits of the
Showa period - $60
5. Kato Tokuro Centennial exhibiton- a major show that travled Japan
last year on
the grand ol potter of Mino. Shows work from throughout his career-
Shino, Oribe,
Black and Yellow Seto amongst others. 175 color photos of as many
pieces and other
photos of Kato at work and such. All essays in Japanese 191 pages
6. Neriage Living National Tresaure Matsui Kosei's 1994 exhibition
123 color photos- incredible works that covers his whole career.
All essays in Japanese 98 pages $45
7. Kato Takuo catalog- current LNT for luster wares- also makes other
influenced wares. 42 color photos all essays in Japanese $22
8. Ko(old)Karatsu wares exhibiton catalog from 1993. Covers pieces from
the 17th
century to the early 20th century. 153 color photos of pieces and 20
photos of sherds. Old kiln map and all essays in Japanese.
Rare good condition $50
9. Ikeda Masuo- Ancient Fantasies- The ceramic art of I.M. Best known
as a painter-
woodblock artist switched to clay and makes very sculpted pieces a
la Voulkos-
Japanese stacks and a series of tiles- 100 Views of Mt.Fuji- very
Opening essay and bio in English and Japanese. Shows Ikeda at work
and shots
of his kiln and firing. $45
10. 1979 Rosanjin exhibition to commemorate twenty years since he passed
on. Covers mostly pottery with calligraphy, lacquer, paintings, and
woodsigns. 32 color and 209 B&W photos- a nice B&W photo of Rosanjin
in the front. All essays in Japanese- good condition- $70

11. 1979 Kawai Kanjiro catalog. 29 color and 101 B&W photos including
one of Kawai. About 140 pieces which include a few carvings and
exquisite calligraphy. Large color photo shows a wooden chest filled
with pieces- 12 to be exact.All essays in Japanese- $45
12. Fujimoto Yoshimichi(Nodo 1919-1992)LNT for enamelled porcelain-
professor at Tokyo University of Arts. 1993 exhibition catalog with
127 color photos of his exqusite work. All essays in Japanese.
Truly outstanding artist. $55
13. New book on plates and bowls- 305 pages 610 pieces by different
Starts with the biggies Kato, Leach, Tomimoto, Rosanjin etc..
all potters show one piece or set of plates. Two photos on a page
with a
little text explaining(in Japanese)the work. $70

Catalogs on Wada Morihiro, Fujihira Shin, Kiyomizu Rokubei, Fujiwara
Miura Koheiji- all $22.

That's about it for this time.
Robert Yellin

Robert Yellin on thu 16 jul 98

Here is an updated list of catalogs for those interested.
A Current List of Catalogs- Remember A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words.
1.'Raku- A Dynasty of Japanese Ceramists' it is an incredible chance to
see how this family has evolved in making tea utensils for the Way of
Tea for 400 hundred years. From the spirtitual Chojiro(the 1st Raku
artist:?-1589) through to the modern sculptural 15th
generation(Kichizaemon b.1949)this rare chance to see all generations
side by side is a must.A very thorough catalog has been published in a
limited edition of 3,000copies. The catalog is all-color photos of the
106 pieces on display; mostly tea bowls with a few sculptural
pieces(most notably Chojiro's
Lion) and the current Raku's tea caddies and water jars. The opening
essays are in Japanese
but a list of all pieces and background info on each piece in English is
provided in
the back of the book as well as B&W photos of the Raku studio and home.
221 pages. $70
2.Masterpieces of Contemporary Japanese Craft- Commemorative Exhibition
for the Opening of the Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art
1977- A wonderful catalog that covers pottery, bamboo, textiles,
lacquer,and metalwork. 81 color photos, 90 B&W. Opening essay and list
of works are also in English. 115 pages, soft cover. Covers all major
artisits of the Showa period- $60
3. Hamada Shoji-The Retrospective Exhibition from The National Museum of
Modern Art,
Tokyo, 1977. Covers all phases of this legendary potter from his early
years at St. Ives
all through his work in Mashiko. All essays and captions in English and
Japanese. 29 color
photos and 223 B&W photos- 280 pieces in all. Notes on techniques,
biography, and bibliography in back of book in Japanese. Nice photo of
Hamada at wheel in front. Rare- $80
4. Shimaoka Tatsuzo- Hamada's number one apprentice and current Living
National Treasure
for folk ware(mingei). Hard cover book- A Celebration of Inlay- with
short essay in English and Japanese written by Yanagi Sori. Sixty color
photos of 79 pieces. All captions and biography are in English and
Japanese. A signed copy by Shimaoka, 52 pages- $50
5. Three Generations of Fujiwara Bizen Potters. Hard cover book starting
with Fujiwara Kei,
the second Bizen Living National Treasure, his son Yu, the current Bizen
LNT, and Yu's son
Kazu. Also included are Kei's second son Kyousuke, who fires his
original BizenShino stlye.
Large color photos of 175 pieces and B&W family phots in back. All print
in Japanese.
1993- $60
6. Old Karatsu- a 1993 catalog covering the various styles of Karatsu.
All color photos of
153 pieces and a few others photos of shards. All print in Japanese.
7.Koie Ryoji- The Energy of Fire. Eight page opening essay in English
and Japanese by
Michael Brenson. Six large color phots of Oribe pots and eight B&W
photos of drawings.
Some B&W photos of Koie. English biography. $38
8.Sakaida Kakiemon- Overglaze enamel ware master- beautiful 1990 catalog
of the 14th generation
Kakiemon. Color photos of 50 pieces and two of Kakiemon working and
firing his kiln. $45
9.Suzuki Osamu- the current Living National Treasure for Shino ware. A
1998 hard cover catalog
showing 19 color photos of his dynamic Shino tea bowls and five Black
Seto tea bowls. $30
10. Shigaraki, Iga, Tamba, Bizen- Ancient Wares. A very intereting
catalog showing 123
color photos of some of Japan's old kilns masterpieces. Mostly tea
wares, and jars-
all essays in Japanese. $45
11. Bernard Leach-- Meeting of East and West. A retrospective catalog of
the biggest Leach
show every held in Japan, 1980. All essays, captions, and list of works
in English and Japanese.
206 pieces including sketches, mostly color photos. Rare- $80
12. Kishimoto Kennin- Celadon specialist- hard cover catalog from a 1997
All color photos of 43 pieces. Beautiful work- $30
Other catalogs available on Nakazato Takashi, Miura Koheiji, Fujihira
Shin, Furukawa Takehisa,
Miura Takeshi, Fujiwara Kyousuke, Kiyomizu Rokube, Matsuzaki Ken,
Kishimoto Kennin,
Michael Marcus, Ikeda Masuo, Wada Morihiro, and a large Bizen
exhibition- most of these
catalogs are in the $10-25 range.
All of the above are single copies, please e-mail to hold. All catalogs
will be posted after
I receive an international postal money order sent to me at: Nishisawada
637, Numazu-shi,
Shizuoka-ken, Japan 410-0007.
Any questions or comments please contact me at anytime. Also if you are
looking for a
particular artist do let me know.
From Numazu,
Robert Yellin