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square credit reader

updated wed 15 aug 12


mel jacobson on tue 14 aug 12

i noticed in the paper yesterday that
`square` has taken a big leap forward in
the credit reading market. nice article.

i use square, and it works just great.
no annual fee, small percentage.

and, of course pay pal is a must for all
of us. it sure is easy, and seems very safe.
(pay pal keeps ads running about their new reader,
but i sure have not seen the real thing yet.)

if we don't keep up, we sure fall far behind.
electronics will only keep moving forward.
i have to say, i love my iphone. it is mind boggle territory.
(but, a warning, my adult grand daughter had her iphone
snatched from the car this week, and she was thirty feet away
with boxes in her arms. kid reached in, took it and ran.)
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