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video tapes

updated thu 16 jan 03


Butch Cassidy on fri 6 feb 98

I found a great site for specialty video tapes on all subjects
including sports, hobbies, games, educational and
recreations, etc. It is located at Prices seem
resonable and service appears fast. A pretty good selection too.
They say over 15,000 videos are available. There is also a section
for books on every conceivable subject. Well, try it anyway.

gina on tue 14 jan 03

Re: Gordon Hutchens, Robin Hopper and other tapes:

I do not yet have Gordon Hutchen's tapes but was lucky to visit his =
studio on Denman Island so have one of his beautiful bowls on display in =
my living room. I do have 13 of Robin Hopper's tapes and I often go =
back and review them. He also shows samples of other potters' pieces in =
each of his videos. I find that a real bonus in his tapes. I also =
recommend Stephen Jepson's introduction to wheel throwing and =
handbuilding for a beginner. Watching both Hopper's and Jepson's =
beginner tapes helped a great deal when I was starting out. Robin =
Hopper's more advanced tapes are excellent as one continues on. I look =
at the cost of each of the tapes as a great alternative to a =
workshop.... one I can take home with me! Another tape I enjoy is =
Virginia Cartwright's "Inlaid Colored Clay". It runs about 44 minutes =
as she demonstrates her technique for producing coloured clays, =
layering, cutting and building a piece. I'd love to hear about other =
videos which others recommend. =20

gina in florida