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^6 commercial glazes

updated fri 10 aug 12


Deborah Thuman on thu 9 aug 12

Coyote Clay:=3D20
Oasis Blue is miserable in O2, gorgeous in reduction.=3D20

Archies Base - leave it on the shelf. Streaks, unpredictable, and will =3D
give you an ugly glaze just when you think you've got it figured out.=3D20

Really Red - it is. Personally, I love the color but it's not appealing =3D
to everyone. Good in both electric and reduction.=3D20

Assorted Shinos - Pistachio is my favorite. There's not a huge amount of =
difference between the shinos, but they do come out nice and they are =3D
fun. Good in both electric and reduction.=3D20

Mayco - has some glazes that are supposed to work in O2 and reduction =3D
and in both ^6 and ^10. They are pretty in O2, bland to ugly in =3D
reduction. O2 ^6 produces nice colors.=3D20

Laguna - I've never had a problem with Laguna either in O2 or reduction.=3D=

Deb Thuman