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updated fri 3 aug 12


mel jacobson on thu 2 aug 12

we are very close to announcing our server sponsor.

here is the deal. it will cost the clayart community
near a thousand a year for the software rental.
(i know, i know, we could change, but we are not going to.)
i may buy a new computer for our server. i will pay
for the server service, nominal cost.
i will pay for liability insurance. (stacey will call this afternoon.)

all the rest of the money will go into a new account at
minnwest bank. new account, new bank, new service.
(new bank near my home.)
nothing will get confused with my bremer bank/home and business.

acers will move the computer/hardware to the new location.
it should just plug in...we will have a new isp address. all of you
will have a long time to change to the new address.
archives will be as normal.

once we move the server, it will cause clayart to go down for about
a week or two or so.
it will come back on. and, you will all have a few weeks heads up.

a few of you are chomping at the bit to send money.
first step:
check, cash or money order, any amount you wish to contribute.
keep track of your own donation. i will not sent a receipt.

Mel Jacobson
Clayart (please write clayart in the note area)
14831 Walker Place
Minnetonka, MN 55345
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