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pit and saggar firing workshop in lakewood colorado

updated sun 29 jul 12


Sumi von Dassow on sat 28 jul 12

Bob Smith and I are co-teaching a Pit and Saggar firing workshop August
4 and August 18th. We will be firing pots in saggars in our gas kiln, in
the pit, and if there are enough pots we'll do tin foil saggars in the
raku kiln. The meeting on August 4 is for preparation and planning.
We'll be applying terra sigillata to pots and making saggars. The
firings are on the 18th. Participants should bring several pieces of
green-ware on the 4th, and there will be time between meetings to make
and fire more pieces. Green-ware should be bone-dry, preferably made
from a relatively smooth white stoneware. If you are interested, please
email me for more information, or call 303-987-5436 to register.

Sumi von Dassow