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new old kiln where to start?

updated sat 28 jul 12


Kathy Chase-Jones on fri 27 jul 12

Hi, I have recently acquired a new to me L&L kiln. It is about 10 years =3D
newer and the bricks are in better shape than the 2 that I have now. The =
dilemma is,
do I scavenge the parts for my older kiln, or upgrade the newer parts =3D
from the older kiln onto this one? I am thinking since the bricks are
in great shape, that an ITC coat may be the way to go...Any pros or =3D
cons? I can comfortably rewire, put on new switches, and re-element my
older L&L=3DE2=3D80=3D99s,and am comfortable with spraying glazes & have an=
air compressor. The kiln work isn=3DE2=3D80=3D99t the question, just confu=
sed =3D
if the ITC would help since=3D20
this is a prebroken-in kiln. Thanks for your advice,
Kathy Chase-Jones
In humid Cape Cod enjoying homemade ice cream out of my favorite local =3D
potter/friends bowl :)