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pdf plans for small kiln

updated wed 25 jul 12


mel jacobson on tue 24 jul 12

please let me know if anyone wants the
they are from the article in pmi magazine
that ran a few years ago. sometimes it is nice just
to have those plans on your computer for reference.

it was kurt's intention to make the
plans available to anyone that wants them.
i honor that intention, and so does nils.

they are very complete/cad drawings, with
all the details.
you can count the bricks from the drawings and
build the kiln.
lots of cost analysis, and other information...that may
need updating because of changing times.

also, it can be changed in size to up to
40+ cubic feet. mine is a 45 cubic size.

nils' book has tons of information on his standard
car kiln. and, additional information on roofs etc.
bill merrill has a dandy roof design that he gives freely.

from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link: