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kilns, etc. ncentral pa best offer or free to the right person

updated fri 20 jul 12


Linda white on thu 19 jul 12

L&L J14 Kiln, 1.4 cubic feet interior. Opening is 14 3/8=3D94 in diameter, =
13 =3DBC=3D94 deep. Equipped with kiln sitter that needs a new sensing rod.=
Including 1 complete set of new elements. Includes 2 full and 4 half =3D

Axner Super Kiln, 11.67 cubic feet interior. Opening is 28=3D94 in =3D
diameter, 31=3D94 deep. Fires beautifully with a Bartlett controller. =3D
Timer and kiln sitter are no longer operable and bottom element does not =
work, but fires great without them. Includes 2 half shelves.

Vent-A-Kiln complete with counterweight.
Also would like to sell some 1 inch thick kiln shelves, various =3D
rectangular sizes=3D97they=3D92re way too heavy for me now. Only been used =
for a couple of firings=3D97like new.

email me or call 570-928-8927=3D