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high fire (cone 10) glaze workshop with john britt

updated tue 17 jul 12


Daniel Barnet on mon 16 jul 12

We need to fill more spots for our Workshop with John Britt in the Finger=
region of New York (about an hr. south of Rochester) at the Rochester Fol=
k Art=3D20
Guild. Come join us on our lovely farm and in a great studio space for t=
workshop on cone 10 glazes with the well known author and potter John Bri=
The workshop will be a general overview of ceramic glazes focusing on but=
limited to Cone 10 reduction. We will be doing a cone 10 reduction firin=
g and=3D20
each participate is invited to bring bisqued, unglazed porcelain, stonewa=
re or=3D20
white stoneware cone 10 pieces for the workshop. For more information pl=
contact or 585-554-5463.
Price: 250$
Dates: August 3rd-5th 2012