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dan finch pottery: fall workshop with cynthia bringle and ron meye=

updated tue 10 jul 12


Amy Farabow Finch on mon 9 jul 12


Please join Dan Finch Pottery in welcoming Cynthia Bringle and Ron Meyers t=
o Finch Farm in Bailey NC on November 3rd and 4th for a Demonstration Works=
hop. Dan will join Cynthia and Ron "in the middle" as they share their tech=
niques=3D2C their successes and failures=3D2C and their senses of humor. It=
uld be an AWESOME weekend. We will also celebrate Ron's 78th birthday! Regi=
stration Fee: $200.00 For more information=3D2C visit http://www.danfinch.c=
/events.htm =3D2C email Dan or phone Dan at (252) 2=
-4664. =3D