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hand held power tool broodings...s'mo'

updated sat 30 jun 12


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 28 jun 12

Modern portable Power Tools I own and like and think well of -=3D20

Bosch variable Speed, variable pitch Jig Saws from the 1980s and 1990s ( =
don't know about the ones since, but they may well be just as good )...I =
have a few and I have been very happy with them. I do not know of any =3D
other Brand which would be anywhere as good as the Bosch or have the =3D
same features/amenities.

Milwaukee variable Speed 'Sawzall' ( circa 1980s - ditto but for =3D
Milwaukee ) Bought mine new in 1985 and have used it a great deal all =3D
the while since. The variable Speed is a very nice feature for the =3D
Sawzall to have, and makes lots of cutting operations go much better =3D
than the previous one-speed.

Milwaukee variable Speed and Reversing Drills...( 1980s till present ) =3D
and their other various other angle Models...( Ditto )

These, or anything else with a Gear Case, need to be re-Greased once in =3D
a while, where one removes the end of the Machine and puts in new Grease =
for their Gears and Bearings and Eccentics and so on.

Hand Held Belt Sanders - I do not know of any good ones made now, or =3D
made in the last few decades, but quite a few of the usual 'side winder' =
sort used to be pretty good in the 1930s, '40s, '50s and '60s, if =3D
tending to be noisy...but the best and quietest and most natural and =3D
effecient to use, were always the medium and larger Worm Drive Models =3D
made by Skilsaw or Porter Cable...and I do not know when they stopped =3D
making them.

Electric Saws of the Worm Drive kind - none of the recent ones of any =3D
make, that I have ever tried, were as natural, easy, quiet, smooth and =3D
comfortable or as well made, or as good looking, as the early-ish =3D
'straight handle' SkilSaw Models.

The Saw I have preferred for all general Carpentry related things, is a =3D
Skilsaw model 825, 8-1/4 inch Blade, made in the late 1930s, has the =3D
Outside Oiler for the Rear Bearing, Leather Oil Seals, tremendous Power, =
Patent Dates on the Nomenclature Tag, pulls 14 Amps on 110, and is very =3D
quiet. This, with the ultra thin kerf Carbide tipped Blades, is about as =
perfect as 'perfect' can get.

Pnuematic Fastening Tools -=3D20

I mostly have "SENCOMATIC" and 'SENCO" Nailers and Staplers, but I have =3D
a few odd early Bostitch and Ohhh, heck, uhhhhh...PASLODE, and =3D
DuoFast...uhhhh, and some other old odd ball 'Orphan' ones, these are =3D
very well made, even if some are extremely=3D20
'Homely' looking, and all those I have gotten are well designed and well =
made and I have enjoyed using them, and I have been able to get the =3D
T-Head Nails or propriatary Staples for most of them as well, so they =3D
get used and enjoyed now and then. Parts for rebuilding them is tough or =
maybe impossible though unfortunately.=3D20

The early Sand Cast Body SENCO/SENCOMATIC were the best of all the =3D
Sencos, and tend to be the most elegent of all offerings ever, of any =3D
make...but all of the early-ish suceeding Die Cast SENCOs were very very =
good also.

My largest SENCO Stapler shoots a 5/8ths Crown by 4-1/2 Inch long =3D
Heavy-Gauge Staple, which one could say is pretty healthy. It was a =3D
short lived Model intended for building Crates and @ 100 PSI will bury =3D
the Staple in Seasoned White Oak...but, good for all sorts of other =3D
things too of course. It could be spoken of as being a 'Monster' in it's =
way..."Kuh-BAM!" Lol...and the exhaust Air can or would turn your =3D
Eyelids inside out if you happen to be facing it wrong...just as most of =
the other larger ones will. They will blow your Hat WAY off this way =3D
also of course.

The early 12 and 16 Penny SENCO Nailers will put a Nail through a 2x10 =3D
or whatever, far enough into Seasoned Concrete to secure the 2 x =3D
whatever Ledger very snugly, even pulling the twist or bow out of it, =3D
for then drilling and setting Masonary Bolts while it is in place. =3D
Usually I have used a thick shank 10 d Nail for this, since it will bury =
the Neail Head in the Wood this way.

I do not believe any of the present Day 12 or 16 d Nailers will do this. =
All seem to have undersize Pistons now, are anaemic aven @ 120 PSI, and =3D
tend to be very 'tinny' and made to be way too light in weight or easily =

Thats about all I can think to add on that.

I have some small Angle Grinders got at Yard Sales or other and I do not =
remember their Brand Name, and I use them sometimes, and, they are =3D
alright, good even, if being immemorable.

L v