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recipes for paper clay for repairs, spooze and horsley's score no =

updated mon 18 jun 12


Roxanne Hunnicutt on sun 17 jun 12


> For many such recipes go here?

*PAPER CLAY* This stuff makes miracles happen. You may fill cracks you
thought would never heal, even on bisque and you might be able to repair
and reglaze in one step sometimes.

This recipe of a spooze-like material uses paper clay using your own
clays. It contains magic water, clay, paper linter which has been shredded
and boiled, then stirred in all together. This stuff makes a terrific
adhesive when assembling clay parts or patching cracks. Also try making
some using calcined clay for patching cracks in bisque. Refrigerated to
prevent it from smelling. Or use peroxide or bleach." Start with Lana
Wilson's Magic Water. Add sufficient boiled toilet paper or egg cartons and
clay to make the clay mass sufficiently thick for your purposes. Sometime
quite stiff, other times "gushy". If too "gushy," it can be stiffened with
a bit of vinegar.

Another recipe for paper clay repairs : Repair cracks in greenware, or
bisqued Or even final fire pieces. Paste a mixture of your own clay as a
slip and toilet paper, 2 to 1, blend and push into crack. Refire the piece.


First, make your own repair paste. Pat Horsley's "Score No More" slip and
repair paste is nothing short of miraculous. I use it to joining pieces of
clay together, handles or other attachments. Here's a recipe to make it
from your clay:

- 1000 grams of your clay body in dry form
- 20 grams Custer Feldspar
- 20 grams Bentonite
- 20 grams Gum Arabic
- 1 teaspoon liquid Darvan

It is IMPORTANT to disperse the Gum Arabic. Pour boiling water over and add
water up to a slip consistency. A blender really helps, then add Darvan
(LIQUID) when it is well mixed. Add a tiny bit of bleach if you will store
it to keep odors down.

From: KathysPottery@AOL.COM
> Subject: Paper clay & vase crack repair
> Hi, I have lost my recipe for paper clay to repair cracks in bisque ware.=
> got it a long time ago from someone on this site, and am hoping someone
> has it.
> Also, does anyone know of something that could be put on the bottom of a
> vase that cracked in the bottom in the glaze firing that would make it
> waterproof? The crack did not go all the way through in this cone 5 fired
> piece,
> but it still leaks.
> Thanks,
> Kathy Schultz
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