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fw: order for custom plates

updated thu 14 jun 12


Mary Starosta on wed 13 jun 12

Hello Denise,

That's a great idea, unfortunately, I do not do that type of pottery. I
have referred this letter to the POTTERY GROUP called CLAYART and maybe
some one from there can respond to your request!

Good Luck and I am sure someone will contact you ASAP for an order!

Kind Regards,

On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 6:33 PM, denise avila wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm with a non-profit organization from San Jose CA, Grupo Folclorico
> Tempos de Outrora, we are a Portuguese Folklore dance group and we are
> hosting a festival at the end of September for 17+ other groups and would
> like to give them a custom plate as a gift.
> We are looking to order 30 plates (maybe more later) about 12-13" in
> diameter with a hand painted design in the center and caligraphy on the
> outer border. For the center design, we wanted to keep in line with the
> theme used on our flyers which are silhoettes of dancers. We were thinki=
> of doing a "community" of silhoettes with maybe some hydrangeas to break
> things up between the caligraphy and design. I've attached an example of=
> plate we currently have as well as a lay out of the caligraphy for the ne=
> plates. I've also attached silhoettes we used for our flyers and a a cop=
> of the flyer.
> Please let me know if this is something a service you provide and if you
> can give me a quote I'd greatly appreciate it. If this is not something
> you do, I'd appreciate any leads or guideance you can provide. If you hav=
> any more questions you can also call me at 408-655-7476.
> Thanks,
> Denise

Mary Starosta
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