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images and recipes wanted for new book

updated thu 31 may 12


Sumi von Dassow on tue 29 may 12


I have long noticed many of you are avid cooks. Lots of the topics
revolve around food and the best kind of pots to cook in. I have learned
a lot from everyone's passion for both pottery and food. I often tell
people that potters have the best pot-luck dinners!

So, now I am working on a book about cooking in pottery, and I need
images and recipes. If you make pots that you cook in, I want images of
the pots and the recipes you cook in them, and/or recipes that you
recommend to your customers. The images may be of pots with or without
the food! I am not thinking so much of dishes for serving or
presentation purposes, but pots in which the food is actually cooked,
prepared, or perhaps stored in. So I am thinking of casserole dishes,
pie pans, lasagna dishes, baked bean pots, etc.; and crocks of various
sorts (such as French butter crocks). Anything I didn't mention that you
think fits the bill will be welcomed also, of course.

Please send images and recipes to me on a CD:

Sumi von Dassow
P.O. Box 51
Golden, CO 80402

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me off-list.

Thanks, Sumi