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will the credit card processing gadget work where you are?

updated sun 20 may 12


Deborah Thuman on sat 19 may 12

When I got the new MacBook, I needed to have my MiFi connected to my new =
laptop. So off I went to Verizon where I encountered the absolutely =3D
wrong sales clerk. He kept telling me to upgrade to G4. Finally, I gave =3D
in. Why was he the wrong sales clerk? Because we don't have G4 service =3D
where I live. Snarl. I now have a MiFi that is slow, hard to get =3D
connected, and all the stuff my old MiFi wasn't. Plus I paid a charge =3D
for upgrading early. May this sales clerk find another job and find it =3D
soon. Perhaps valet parking would be more suitable for this fellow.=3D20

Moral: ALWAYS make sure there are the proper cell towers around for the =3D
gadget you are buying to work. Figure the more rural areas won't have =3D
the latest towers. What's the point of having a great gadget if there =3D
aren't the towers to support the great gadget.=3D20

Deb Thuman