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glaze class with chic in victoria

updated fri 18 may 12


ronroy@CA.INTER.NET on wed 16 may 12

Sent this with the wrong subject line - excuse me!

> For those of you who want to understand more about glazes Chic Lotz is
> giving one of her glaze workshops at Metchosin International Summer
> School of the Arts
> July 2-6, 2012.
> The school is close to Victoria at the southern end of Vancouver
> Island - it?s just plain beautiful there.
> Chic knows how to teach and her enthusiasm is catching - I wish I had
> had her as a teacher when I was growing up.
> And she can explain how to put all the pieces together - just what so
> many potters need to start using what they already know about glazes.
> Here is a description of the course.
> Glaze Basics Simplified: Developing Colour and Surface with Chic Lotz
> at MISSA July 2-6
> Students will perform hands-on mixing and firing of simple line blends
> to learn how to achieve the glaze surfaces and colours they desire for
> sculpture or dinnerware. They will also learn about each ingredient
> and its function in the glaze as well as discover how varying the
> ratios of three major glaze components affects stability, color,
> firing temperature, glaze fit and
> glaze surface.
> Colour development as well as glossy, matte and textured surfaces will
> be explored. Glaze calculation software will be used by the instructor
> to show you how compare a variety of glazes.
> Cone 10 glaze recipes will be altered down to cone 6 and students will
> fire cone 6 line blends each night in an electric kiln so results can
> be discussed the next day. Students will leave the workshop organized
> and empowered to experiment at their own firing temperature.
> Send Questions to:
> 250-391-2415 ? Registrar: 250-391-=