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east-west ceramics collaboration video

updated wed 4 feb 98


Suzanne Wolfe on tue 3 feb 98

Dear Clayarters,
We have just finished the duplication of the video made to document the
East West Ceramics Collaboration held at the University of Hawai'i during
summer 1995. The documentary is 18 minutes long, and provides an
excellent insight into the program.
If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of the video, and especially
if you would like to have it for the video library at any of your academic
institutions, potter's associations, etc., the video is available at the
equivalent of the cost of masters, duplication, tape and box cost, plus
shipping. These costs come to $12 per videotape.
For those interested in purchasing the tape, please send a check for $12
made out to: UH Foundation, East-West Ceramics Collaboration. Send the
check to me, Suzanne Wolfe, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Dept of Art,
2535 The Mall, Honolulu, Hi, 96822, and I will send you the tape. We will
make no profit on the tapes, but are trying to recoup some of the costs of
the production, and help replenish our fund for the next East-West
Ceramics Collaboration. For those of you in Japan, Australia, PRC, etc.,
we can provide you with PAL format copies of the video.
Thanks to all those who are interested.
Suzanne Wolfe
University of Hawai'i at Manoa