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pit fire season

updated thu 10 may 12


Kim Hohlmayer on tue 8 may 12

I am going to be doing pit fires again this late spring and summer.=3DA0 If=
ou want to join me, let me know.=3DA0 There is no charge but you will need =
make a couple trips to New Philadelphia, OH.=3DA0 The Tusc. County Center =
r the Arts is an hour from Canton/Akron area, 2 from Cleveland, 2 from Pitt=
sburgh, PA, 1 from Weirton, WV and 1 from Zanesville/Cambridge area.=3DA0 Y=
will need your pottery pieces bisque fired.=3DA0 For clay body I suggest S=
ndard's 308 or 119 or any raku body.=3DA0 I'll keep you all posted as to da=
s but if you want more info, let me know.=3DA0 -Kim H.