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2012 leupp kiln conference invitation

updated thu 10 may 12


William Lucius on tue 8 may 12

Bob Casias will host the 2012 Leupp Kiln Conference=3D2C which will be held=
t the Tarnoff Art Center in Rowe=3D2C New Mexico. The entry fee for partic=
ants is $25 and includes bar-b-que on Saturday evening and entry into all e=
vents June 22-24=3D2C 2012. For more information click on http://www.potter=
yo=3D =3D20
The Leupp Kiln Conference began in 2003 when Tim Wilcox=3D2C a Navajo/Tewa =
chaeologist=3D2C artist and potter=3D2C volunteered to host the event at Ol=
d Le=3D
upp (near Winslow=3D2C Arizona).This very informal gathering of archaeologi=
s=3D2C potters=3D2C replicators and other interested folks has been held al=
every year since at various locations in the American Southwest=3D2C depen=
ng on who volunteers to host the affair. In addition to firing various piec=
es of pottery using a whole range of firing methods and fuels (including tr=
ench=3D2C pit and surface kilns)=3D2C one day of the two or three day event=
is =3D
dedicated to visiting clay sources in the local area to collect clays to ma=
ke pots for future firings. A major purpose of the event is to explore the=
techniques and technology involved in non-modern ceramic firing=3D2C but g=
ting together with like-minded folks to burn a lot of wood=3D2C coal=3D2C a=
l dung and even corn cobs and to learn from each other is just as important=
The report of the 2011 Leupp Kiln Conference is available on the conference=

William A. Lucius=3D2C Ph.D.
Board President and Director
Institute for Archaeological Ceramic Research (IACR)