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paul lewing china painting workshop at peters valley, nj

updated thu 3 may 12


Paul Lewing on wed 2 may 12

Peters Valley Craft Center in Leyton NJ asked me to post a message
about my upcoming five day china painting workshop June 8-12. Yeah, I
know that's an odd spread of days, but that's how they do it. We need
at least one more person for it to go, so I'm hoping there are people
out there who've been thinking of taking it and putting it off.
Peters Valley is in the beautiful Delaware Water Gap on National Park
Service land. If you don't know the place, this is one of those
absolutely wonderful summer-camp-for-artists places with room and
board provided and many classes going on at once in many different art
forms. Those places are all terrific and this is one of the best.
We'll be china painting on ceramic tiles and second hand china from
thrift stores, if you don't bring your own. But I always love it when
people bring stuff they've made to paint on. This workshop is long
enough we can really get some stuff finished, as we'll be doing four
firings. We'll be using mostly water based mediums but feel free to
bring your oil based mediums as well.
To register go to
I always love it when we get a mix of clay artists and traditional
china painters. We have a lot to learn from each other.
Paul Lewing