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updated tue 24 apr 12


Patti Petit on mon 23 apr 12

These threads have stirred up a lot of memories. When I taught grade school=
the various subject matters were so obviously intertwined. That's how I ap=
proached them We had great fun in class listening to music, drawing the sto=
ry the music told us, writing out our story, sharing it in class and critiq=
uing. Kids like good and know good. On rainy days we diagrammed sentences o=
n the chalkboards that wrapped around two classroom walls. We had noisy fun=
shouting out the answers till the head master called me out of the room an=
d told me they did not diagram sentences anymore.
When teaching French in high school some years later the school presented e=
ach of us language teachers with a tape recorder and player and said we wer=
e to tape lessons, Have the students listen and respond. Well, they just sh=
ut down completely. The only time they reacted was when they could hear my =
canaries singing and twittering in the background of the tape. Teaching is =
best done person to person. Love and care of the teacher are integral parts=
of the joy of learning. Look at John what a fantastic teacher. I'd go be o=
ne of students right now if they'd let me.
A young friend is currently questioning whether she should stay in teaching=
. She has so much to give. I hope the bookkeeping done for school and state=
, the grinding interference of department head etc won't put out her fire.
Just my thoughts. Thanks for the thread,
Patti in windy chilly NE Ga