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education/ reading list and videos in class

updated tue 24 apr 12


rickmahaffey@COMCAST.NET on mon 23 apr 12

I looked at the reading list for St. John's College, and thought it was pre=
tty good as far as it goes.=3D20

It is quite (totally) Eurocentric.=3DC2=3DA0 I would add some reading from =
r cultures, perhaps from China, Japan, certainly 1491 and 1493 , =3DC2=3DA0=
or=3DC2=3DA0The history of the painter's pallete , =3DC2=3DA0and something =
of thoug=3D
ht from folks native to the western hemisphere and more.=3DC2=3DA0 There ar=
e mo=3D
re ways of being in and thinking in the world than the one in the reading l=

Was it Descartes who said: " I think therefor I am"?=3DC2=3DA0 According to=
fuscious if one has to think about something one does not truly know it.=3D=

At Tacoma Community Colllege we are working on UDL:=3DC2=3DA0 Universal Des=
ign =3D
for Learning.=3DC2=3DA0 We try to deliver the information in multiple ways =
so t=3D
hat students with different learning styles have a chance to learn in a way=
that suits them.=3DC2=3DA0 I show powerpoints in my Art Appreciation class=
es a=3D
long with videos.=3DC2=3DA0 I show the powerpoints and videos first then le=
e on the topics.=3DC2=3DA0 The students seem to get more information that w=
ay a=3D
s they have a "Big Picture" to anchor the information to and some idea of t=
he look of the things I am talking about.=3D20

In my ceramics classes I don't show videos very often, only to add informat=
ion about other culture's ways of working in clay or some specific topic de=
aling with a project that we are working on.=3DC2=3DA0 I encourage students=
to =3D
use youtube and check out ceramic videos in our college library and from th=
e Clay Club library in our classroom.=3D20


Rick Mahaffey