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wrongful birth suits/was; where are the lawyers?

updated sat 14 apr 12


David Woof on fri 13 apr 12

Deb T. says=3D3B < "This [is] why there are wrongful death suits but no wro=
ful birth suits." >

I smile=3D2C remembering how I tried the wrongful birth argument on my mom =
ce and how she made me really wish I was dead!

She turns 90 this Sept. She can still verbally spar with wit and force=3D2C=
nd carries her nail studded 2X4 at the ready.
Here's to strong moms everywhere=3D3B the keepers of light for our race=3D2=
David Woof

12. Where are the lawyers?
Posted by: "Deborah Thuman" debthuman@ZIANET.COM=3D20
Date: Tue Apr 10=3D2C 2012 6:43 am ((PDT))

Harming a fetus is not a crime. It's not a crime because until the fetus ta=
kes a breath=3D2C it's not a human. That's a legal definition and it may be=
ery different from any religious definition.=3D20

If harming a fetus were a crime - think about all the pregnant women who sm=
oke=3D2C are around smokers=3D2C drink alcohol=3D2C drink caffeine=3D2C tak=
e OTC me=3D
ds=3D2C take prescription meds=3D2C take street drugs=3D2C work in dangerou=
s envi=3D
ronments=3D2C and on and on and on.=3D20

This why there are wrongful death suits but no wrongful birth suits.=3D20

Okay=3D2C now I'm going back to playing in the mud=3D2C playing with fabric=
=3D2C =3D
playing with dye pots=3D2C and playing in a sketchbook.=3D20

Deb Thuman =