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edmonton clay symposium - fireworks

updated tue 3 feb 98


Cathy Mumford on mon 2 feb 98

Daphne Zeitz wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Dear Clayarters,
> Could someone out there tell me about the Clay symposium, which I think is
> to be held in Edmonton this year?
> Many thanks, Daphne
> Daphne Zeitz
Hi Daphne! Not sure what the clay symposium is but Edmonton hosts
Fireworks'98 this year from May 24-28. there is quite a great lineup of
talent this year including: Warren Mackenzie, Janet Mansfield, Ryan
Cameron, John Chalke, Jun kaneko, Frederick Olsen, Dianne Sullivan,
Barbara Tipton, William Truchon, Chuck Wissinger. The week prior to
Fireworks there will be a woodfire kiln building workshop. For further
info contact Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta ph#
403-492-3034 or 304-492-3093 or
Hope this helps! Cathy -formerly from Edmonton - now Saskatoon, Sask.