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what?- selling local

updated mon 9 apr 12


tony clennell on sun 8 apr 12

I am part of the WHAT (West Hamilton Artists Tour) on Mother's Day. We just
moved here so I can't claim any brilliance in it's organization. It is all
within walking distance in our little hood that surrounds Locke Str which
is the groovy little shopping area of great shops and eateries. The full
colour brochures and postal are covered by each studio kicking in $150 and
there are over 10 merchants that put an ad in the brochure for $150. They
will be delivered to homes in the Locke Str area. So if a merchant does the
math they see that for $150 their message is hand delivered by our mail
lady to 3500 homes or about 3 cents a household. They have offered specials
for tour participants. There is economic impact from the Arts. Customers
will go for lunch, buy cupcakes, ice cream, walk the community. It is a
win, win.
The West Town Bar offered the vacant store next to it to a couple of
artists. We will clean it up and it will look fab. The bar owner will win
all year long as we are all grateful and will show loyalty for much longer
than the weekend. Chris Campbell and her brother have been spotted in the
West Town.
This is the first time Sheila and I will not have a showroom so we are
opening our house and if weather is good our courtyard is really fabulous.
We have a walk about on the Friday night where all the artists walk
together to each others studios. It is a good way to see what each other
are doing, be part of the community and make new friends.
We are making and stacking work up. We keep thinking we should sell this to
a store. No, wait. Get full price. You only need to sell half as much, make
half as much and some of it will be cash. Cash that buys things without
being taxed- oopps did I say that? Cash that will go back into our
community and most certainly at the stores that supported the tour.