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buying and selling local

updated sun 8 apr 12


Ann Kenworthy on sat 7 apr 12

Thanks, Mel, for this advice.

I am an introvert and am new/re-newing to clay, and finally have some pots
I'm happy enough with to sell. I have joined the local guild and will put
my stuff in their sale this May.

But after reading Mel's post, I sat myself down at the dining room table
and addressed the guild's promotional postcards to the rural neighbors:
"I'm your local potter on Biggs Purchase Lane, and my pots are in this
sale, but you are welcome to drop into the studio at any time. Just give
me a call. I look forward to seeing you!" My name, my phone number,
hand-written. All delivered.

My friend Sam the antiques dealer up the road on Route 2, a main
north-south route here, offered me a chance to sell my pots at a tent sale
this summer along with someone who is selling Hallmark Christmas ornaments,
and I thought, "HUH?". And then I thought, why not. I'll have a table
with a banner and my logo (designed my neighbor the graphic artist, who I
repay with pots), and we'll see what happens.

This is a whole new avenue for me, and I sure appreciate all the posts that
address the issue of selling your work. I'm pretty long in the tooth, so
have no hopes of making a national reputation -- not enough time for that!
-- so selling local makes sense.

Meanwhile, I am having the time of my life in retirement getting into the
groove of making every day and firing in my MFT, which fires like a dream.

Thank you, Mel, and all of you who so willingly share your knowledge
through this list.

And thank you, Karen Johnson, for the lovely purple mug I received through
the stay-at-home mug exchange.

Ann Kenworthy