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updated wed 4 apr 12


Hank Murrow on tue 3 apr 12

Clayart Folk;

It was great to sit down with you in caf=3DE9s, restaurants, galleries, =3D
and of course the 'Room' at NCECA. It was wonderful to put faces to =3D
posts, and share our work in the Clayart room. It was gratifying that =3D
Kelly got my Shino mug in the 'exchange', as we go back a few NCECAs. =3D
Mel was his usual generous host, Bill Schran shared his expertise at the =
round table, as did many other Clayart 'deputies' throughout the event.

I have posted a brief Facebook album of the outstanding Chawan workshop =3D
at Tacoma C.C. after NCECA; which too many of you missed. I will post =3D
more on my
'page' there soon. Meanwhile, Tony remains a great roomie, Vickie =3D
Hamilton organized at Wild Ginger a beautiful and nourishing meal for =3D
both body & soul, Robbie Lovell's "Art of the NW Table" was a great =3D
kickoff event at which I sold very well, and all I met during the =3D
conference were both generous and fun!

More later, Hank in Eugene (& happy to be home)=3D