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"tea from the edge" workshop at tacoma c.c.

updated wed 4 apr 12


Hank Murrow on tue 3 apr 12

Say Group;

Those of you who beat it out of Seattle Saturday missed a wonderful =3D
workshop on Tea bowls at Rick Mahaffey and Reid Ozaki's school in =3D
Rob Fornell, Richard Milgrim, Jeff Shapiro, and Inayoshi Osamu made =3D
chawan all at the same time continuously for the two days, Jeff telling =3D
outrageous stories of his youthful times in Japan, Rob had a few =3D
zingers, Richard recounting his time with his first patron in Japan, and =
Inayoshi beguiling us all with his shy but hilarious demonstartions of =3D
'rock chawan'____ no lie, as you can see at my facebook page(Hank =3D

A friend & collector arrived with his spouse Sunday, and bought a fine =3D
chawan right out of the show in the gallery. BTW, that chawan show was =3D

More Later, Hank in Eugene=3D