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why plant tomatoes? process and product

updated tue 27 mar 12


Lili Krakowski on mon 26 mar 12

Why plant tomatoes? =3D20

Why make pots?

Why bake bread, sew clothes, or build stuff?

Because --and coincidentally "we" were talking about that at brunch =3D
Sunday--there is process, and there is product, and there=3D20
is something or other in the brain that involves eye/hand (muscle)/brain =
in a way activated by process.

Less scientifically put --if I buy a tomato, or a pot, or a bathrobe, =3D
and can pay enough, I get a product as good as what I can make.
Possibly better--as the bathrobe manufacturer may have access to a =3D
wonderful fabric not available on the retail market.

But that is never the point. The eye/hand/brain activity involved in =3D
process is of major importance to human health, in my opinion. Many of =3D
the mental ills "we" seem to suffer come from our not using that brain =3D
function. I truly believe that some new, novel, "popularized" childhood =
ills stem from this inactivity. Attention Deficit Disorder is a new =3D
"disorder"--which never came up years ago when children led busy =3D
physically active lives, improvising their own toys, running around =3D
outdoors, walking a lot and seeing the world around them, etc.

There is a huge difference between a child who helps Mommy or Daddy =3D
with chores, has her own little garden, raises a calf, or spins wool =3D
from her sheep, and a child who sits glued to a TV or computer screen, =3D
and just observes people cooking, and gardening, and (if she gets up =3D
real early Saturday mornings!) raising calves. =3D20

No, I am not focusing on the rural life. There is much physical =3D
"process" activity available to urban children. It just is d=3DE9class=3DE=
9 =3D
these days for kids to do physical work. Sports are ok, work is not.

So why plant a tomato? Because process is good for your health. And if =
you hate tomatoes plant an herb garden. =3D20

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage