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vena contracta

updated wed 21 mar 12


Nils Lou on tue 20 mar 12

I=3D92ve enjoyed the recent interchange and discussion
on the subject of =3D93Venturi=3D94 apertures as related to the
=3D93double Venturi=3D94 design on the Minnesota Flat Top.

I hesitate to add to the discussion and further confound
the issue other than to thank those who initiated the exchange
allowing those interested to understand how the =3D93DV=3D94 works so they =
can =3D
decide whether to try it or not.

Special thanks to John Britt for raising the question and to James Freeman =
for his comprehensive explanation (vena contracta... sounds so sexy). Book =
sales are spiking and I like that.

nils lou
prof. of art
linfield college
"Art of Play" now in e-book at Amazon

John Britt on tue 20 mar 12


Thanks but really I was just replying to Ivor. He is the one to thank.