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clay wholesalers in alabama?

updated thu 15 mar 12


jonathan byler on tue 13 mar 12

I am looking for suppliers from whom to buy ceramic materials in the
Birmingham or Montgomery areas. Pallets of materials at a time
preferably. Anyone have places they would recommend? or can I as a
purchaser for a government entity buy directly from the company? We
have a tight budget, and as a public servant I like to maximize the
bang we get for a buck so as not to waste the people's money.

Vince, Bill Schran, others who purchase for schools/colleges, what are
your thoughts, how do you get your materials and supplies the cheapest?


Rimas VisGirda on wed 14 mar 12

When I was teaching at university I placed a yearly order for clays and che=
micals. I made up a list of whet I needed for the following year and sent i=
t to all the major suppliers within a few States' radius for a bid, includi=
ng shipping cost. In my last position the lowest bid came from two States a=
way... I was in central Illinois and the winning bid was in Minnesota.