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not food safe but

updated tue 13 mar 12


Taylor Hendrix on mon 12 mar 12


As King Ron and Prince Jon have said before, There is no "food safe"
law or guideline regarding ceramic surfaces here in the US. The FDA
DOES have guidelines for lead and cadmium with respect to ceramic
surfaces. See below for details. I still think that our best method of
framing these types of discussions amongst ourselves and with
customers is to discuss the _release_ of these and other constituents
from our glazes, rather than are they food safe. We can only control
how we manufacture our glazes, so we are smart to talk to that rather
than speculate on what may or may not happen at someone's dinner

Taylor, in Rockport TX
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On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 9:00 AM, Randall Moody wr=
> Maybe someone can enlighten me on the exact definition (FDA) for "food
> safe" as it relates to ceramic wares. I believe that it has to do with
> leaching of hazardous glaze materials rather than how to clean the item.