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being in cm

updated mon 12 mar 12


mel jacobson on sun 11 mar 12

it takes personal work, it takes effort, it takes
good to great pictures....and, they don't come
to you, you go to them. and polish your writing
skills. as you all know, i write like i think..i am
not an editor or a english major...i just write from the heart.
and often, the best message is: great pots that you are proud of,
and it becomes educational inspiration to others..

in so many ways, being in the major magazines
is preaching to the choir. the magazines are read
by many potters, clay makers.
it is up to you...
as i have said a thousand times, cm, claytimes publish
what they get. they don't make the work. if the pix are
good, the writing passes mustard, and it has not been shown
50 goes in the magazine. they are dedicated, hard
working folks that want to make a great publication.
they are like great referees, they call it, the way they see it.
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