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the cup show.

updated sun 11 mar 12


Clay art on fri 9 mar 12

I would say that price is irrelevant if one has the market that support it.
This community has a strong audience. Ben Bates curated a teapot show in
the Robert Wright Gallery around this time last year.

I wrote a review for CM at the time. There were works that impressed me and
then there were work that I thought does not belong in a show like that. =
have a problem when established potters does not follow basic design
principles when something is clearly meant to function for what it appears
to be. One of the things that bothers me tremendously is when one creates a
functional teapot and the lid is not secure when it is loaded with hot
liquid. Some says that one should hold a teapot with both hands ( hold the
lid down). I say not so. One can just look at the British ( and South
African) ways of serving tea and you will agree with me on that.

I did not have a chance to go see this show jet, but if I have to judge fro=
images, I would say that there are a few outstanding cups. Lou Pierozzi's
work is outstanding. The Colemans did a great job as always and Matt Long
and Tom Turners porcelain seems to be well crafted as always. There are
several more artists that I think belong in a show like this...Chris Gusten=
Tara Wilson and a few other reduction /wood firers keep their good

Then there are some that should be thankful that their fame does not rely o=
this show! Bad handles, bad rims and pieces that look so clunky as if it
will drop right through a table!

I hope I will have a chance to go see the show. I have to say that I know
there is a lot of educational purpose in these shows, so the more
representation from good and lesser good works they have on display, the
more students can learn to distinguish right from wrong.

More than 2 cents worth.......

Antoinette Badenhorst

Liz Gowen 1 on sat 10 mar 12

My problem with the cup show is that everyone is hopping on board with cups
and yunomi shows. As far as I remember the cup an intimate object was the
first online cup show I became aware of. Good pictures, easy to go through,
easy to purchase, reliable dealer. Akar followed with good pictures also
more than one shot and the ability to enlarge a piece to see it better. Ver=
pricey for the shipping and "Handling" doing the % of sale model which I
hate, but goes the extra mile to send additional shots if needed., and an
easy to purchase model as well. This latest shows the bare minimum for
pictures unless I am doing it wrong, sales confusing but must be obvious to
others from the number sold. I have a real problem buying something on line
with one poor image and prices in the 2-300.00 range. It is a disservice to
the seller and the buyer. These shows don't have the overhead of a gallery
so please give us better images, you are handling a nice selection of
artist. You need to do a better presentation. You also need to make the
ability to purchase online easier. i.e. Most of Elaine Coleman's pieces ar=
just not very viewable. This is a different selling venue and those that
represent a show need to make it as close to being there as possible...Liz

Subject: The cup show.

I would say that price is irrelevant if one has the market that support it.
This community has a strong audience