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a question for the ages,,or why do we even fret over safety stuff?=

updated sun 11 mar 12


Nefsigh@AOL.COM on thu 8 mar 12


Over the years and again just recently (as in tonight) my cats and kittens
MUCH prefer water in which I have washed my brushes out --water that has
remnants of under glazes such as reds, yellows, greens blues,well you name
it. They actually seek this water out over ANY fresh water I put down for

I have yet to see any extra body parts growing nor are they acting in a
manner that doesn't resemble a teenager on sugar...So, why do cats love
cleaning water?

PS- my older cat, since deceased (21 yrs of age mind you) LOVED Irish
Spring soap. She (it really) would lick the bars she could find; lick your =
out of the shower for residue you might have missed; would hang over the
Jacuzzi and catch Irish Spring bubbles and lick her paws. And yes, she was
healthy as can be and incredibly special.
Ah, the truly important subjects in our lives.

Lenny Dowhie

Bonnie Staffel on sat 10 mar 12


This is an interesting subject since I just turned 90 recently. I had a
studio cat who walked on the dusty floor, much of the which came from =3D
barium carbonate and many oxides. I was not known as a good studio
housekeeper. My only bow to safety was to wear one of those white masks =3D
measuring glaze ingredients by the exhaust fan. Also way back in the
beginning, I also used lead in my glazes. My studio cat lived to be 19 =3D
old, had lost her teeth but sure could gum a caught mouse to death. She
finally lost control of her rear legs so we had her put down. She loved =3D
hop up to the top shelves and when she jumped down to the counter into =3D
array of freshly thrown pots, she would never land on any of them, but
between the pots. Her name was Mittens.

At the time of our move north, she hid in the garage where I had a =3D
studio. We had my nephew look around our place for her and finally found =
in the garage. She lived on glaze water and probably mice for a week. =3D
don't like change. When she arrived up north, she hid under the house =3D
for a while as well.=3D20

I am not doing badly either


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