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check out iron red/cone 6

updated sun 4 mar 12


mel jacobson on sat 3 mar 12

this is amazing stuff.
At 10:32 AM 3/3/2012, Carol S. Marians wrote:
>Mel -
>On clayart you said send pix of iron-orange-red
>#4 in:
>#1 in:
>BTW this is electric at cone 6 - just got a copy of Weyl's classic book on
>colors in glass and ceramic glazes. Confirms what I'd known for some tim=
e -
>for iron red, reduction is irrelevant. At cone 11 where you fire, is even
>less relevant than at cone 6. Iron in silicate melts in 'automagically' i=
>the reduced state at high temperature, the higher the temperature the more=
>goes. Is pure chemistry.
>Do I got good iron colors or what?
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