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branding your product

updated sat 3 mar 12


"Lynn Barnwell @ Hinkle Creek Pottery" on fri 2 mar 12

Hey Antoinette, thanks for the shout out! Yes, I do love to fluff gifts
packages. I live out in a rural area about 16 miles from town. My =3D
has learned where to come for that last minute gift...Our motto "if we =3D
here we are open" works for us. We are the destination for company. =3D
I know a cool place to visit, we can go to "my" potters home. They will
show us how it is made..."

I also keep plate and bowl stands to fit our work so the customer does =3D
have to stress over that last detail. Clean, new boxes and tissue or =3D
to wrap their purchases. If the customer is traveling we pack for that =3D
ship if required. It is all part of building customer base. Be
indispensible to them. Of course we include professional looking cards =3D
each purchase. "Here take a few business cards to spread around.'

We had a wonderful time at the Tupelo Salvation Army's Empty Bowl day on
Wednesday. A few years ago they added a pottery sale area for those =3D
that contribute a large number of bowls. We set up a display area and =3D
to the 1500+ attendees. A percentage of sales goes to the SAWA as =3D
way to support their great work. Sales were brisk this year and talked =3D
loads of people. Always educating the public on what it takes to make a
good pot. Got to fellowship with other potters and got lots of hugs =3D
our Salvation Army friends. Thank you Antoinette for getting me =3D
with such a worthwhile event.

Last year they made over $60,000 and I am sure this year will be even
better. This funds their soup kitchen and meals on wheels program for =3D
next year.

Ya'll have a great NCECA this year, would love to be in Seattle, but =3D
have to wait for another time. Maybe Houston next year.

Lynn Barnwell
Hinkle Creek Pottery
Corinth, MS 38834