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the beautiful mel-pot. bites!

updated sat 31 jan 98


Liz Dodge on fri 30 jan 98

<"...Suppose you're a woman alone and want to build a kiln..!!!!">>"

As Aestheticus and Egotimos consumed their fill of the roasted goat, figs and
olives laboriously prepared by the maidens of their village, yet another
visitor, Melsogynous, from the nearby town of Patriarchia entered from a
doorway and joined them. One of the bright,brash maidens from Empathica posed
the first direct, question of the evening in their small intimate gathering.
"How is it now, that a flat-topped kiln can be better than an arch
kiln, when I have built both with mine own hands and find the arch kilns to be
more durable?
Melsogynous, turning from his slight conversation with Egotimous
merely gazed at the eager young student with distain: "Hurry off and fetch me
more wine, my dear. Young Egotimous here has just engaged my attention with a
most insightful question about the use of spears and swords in decorative
With this, Aestheticus and Egotimous scratched their crotches through
their togas, hawked, and spat into the fire.
Melsogynous cast his gaze to the young man and said, "Your
spirit, Egotimos, is admirable. As the years march past us like the
warriors marching to battle, the search for the truth becomes less
earnest, and simultaneously more treacherous, as in war itself. Not that
these mere maidens would understand, being slight of both mind and body. Of
course, I mean no offense. I have traveled widely in both the east and here in
our most advanced Greece, and in all cultures, girls are clearly formed to be
more modest, maindenly, and less capable of hard work and creativity."

With this Egotimous smirked and beckoned to Arges for another cup of

Liz Dodge
Berkeley, CA