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remembering ken price

updated sun 26 feb 12


Frank Gaydos on sat 25 feb 12

Ken Price, whose small, worldly, exquisitely finished abstract sculptures i=
n glazed or painted clay exploded the distinction between art and craft and=
established him as one of the outstanding artists of postwar America, died=
on Friday at his home in Arroyo Hondo , N.M., outside Taos . He was 77=3D2=
http :// www . nytimes .com/2012/02/25/arts/design/ken-price-sculptor-who-h=
elped-elevate-ceramics-dies-at-77. html=3D20

Frank Gaydos=3D20

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as=3D20
when they do it from religious conviction"=3D20
Blaise Pascal.=3D20
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