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illustrated system for plates

updated sun 26 feb 12


mel jacobson on sat 25 feb 12

for learning potters...most professionals know how to do this.

i have taken a few pictures of how i make sets of plates.
it is easy and quick. i would race most anyone with a jigger...
and beat them.

i take a wooden block and drill a series of holes .
\add a heavy metal ballast and insert a paint brush in the
selected hole. the block can be turned upside down and side
ways, or elevated on another wooden block.

i have marked both my tool tray and the area for setting
the block
for plates. i make a model plate the size and shape that
i want...then line up the tip of the brush at the rim of the
plate. this gives me rim size and height. one brush tip
gives me a perfect replication of the model plate.

click below (clayart page of my website.) to see my wheel with the
measuring tools in
place. the first illustration is the final plate touching the
tip of the brush.

i weigh out balls of clay, and throw one after the other
touching the brush tip.

with a saw blade i mark the position of the block both on
the tool tray and the rim of the wheel. that allows me to
make the same plates months later.

i use a shaped wooden rib to form in the surface of the
plate. cut the pot off, and then remove the batt with the
plate. start over. the wet brush tip will not bother your
plate if you touch it.

if you are making a casual set of plates, just slap down a
small mound of wet clay and stick the paint brush into the
mound and place the tip on a model plate.
make as many as you wish...just don't move things around.
clayart page below: