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updated mon 20 feb 12


Lili Krakowski on sun 19 feb 12

The problem with stocking a library is the same as stocking a pantry. =3D
One has to know what will be wanted.
No point laying in pickled herring, olives, salsa , kimchi unless one =
knows those using the pantry will eat them! No point in stocking books =3D
unless one knows who will want to read them!

Not do I know what older books were purged! I buy all sorts of old =3D
pottery books at library sales, some go back to the Forties and are =3D
really really primitive. Others--Parmelee, Rhodes, Cardew, Woody, =3D
Counts' "Pottery Worskshop", remain totally useful.

So. As staples I would suggest:

Daniel Rhodes "Clay and Glazes for the Potter" and his "Stoneware & =3D
Porcelain" are good foundations.
Ceramic Monthly/ Pottery Making Illustrated Handbooks, starting with:
"Pottery Making Techniques", "Extruder, Mold & Tile" "Surface =3D
Decoration", "Studio Practices, Techniques,and Tips" are contemporary =3D
and very good.

The latest edition of Harry Fraser "Glazes for the Craft Potter" as well =
as his "Ceramic Faults and Their Remedies" . Both useful, even for =3D
those who buy ready-to -wear glazes.

Glaze-making books should include Robin Hopper's "Ceramic Spectrum" , =3D
most any of Emmanuel Cooper's books. "Mastering the Art" (Hesselberth =3D
& Roy) . Michael Bailey (both his Cone 6, and his Oriental glazes =3D
books) are super--Again: only if there is interest in glaze mixing.)

I am leaving out kiln building books. While kiln building remains =3D
important for potters, the present constraints -- EPA , OSHA , zoning, =3D
building codes, insurance problems,
availability and cost of fuel--are so varied and idiosyncratic that =3D
advice cannot be given. Obviously rural libraries in happier regions =3D
may want.

I certainly would urge any library to subscribe to "Pottery Making =3D
Illustrated." Love "Ceramics Monthly. But since has become more of an =3D
art magazine, I am not sure "American Crafts" might not have wider =3D


Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage