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axner is peachy for potters

updated sun 12 feb 12


Julie Brooks on sat 11 feb 12

Hello All,
As Mark Twain said, "It has been reported that I was seriously ill--it =
another man; dying--it was another man; dead--the other man again...As fa=
as I can see, nothing remains to be reported..." The customer has reporte=
that it was a problem with his phone, not the Axner phone system.
Axner is fine, selling travel cup foam bottoms, Crack-Zap-It, corks, Ax=
Stainless Top Wheels, Face Casting Kits, bamboo handles, honey dippers, c=
sticks, air brushes, kilns etc. etc. etc...all at super prices...and will=

continue to do so. Thanks, all of you, for visiting us often and buying
Axner Stainless Top Wheels from your local Laguna Distributors.
We do suggest that repairing an Axner Wheel with fishing line in
inadvisable when factory parts and service are so readily available.
Thanks, Julie Brooks
Creative Director, Laguna Clay Company