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duck stamp artists - ot, joyce

updated fri 27 jan 12


Janine in Tacoma on thu 26 jan 12

Joyce: That is a wonderful story as well! I would have loved to have me=
you at MISSA, but will be sure to say hello at NCECA if you're there!

Thanks for looking at Ryan's artwork. His dad's responsible for the corn=
painting titles.

A couple of other notable things in Ryan Perry's story... He uses airbru=
sh alot=3D20
in his backgrounds. The "establishment" told him that would never ever f=
But the Smithsonian loved it, and a couple of the wildlife art publicatio=
ns raved=3D20
about his "fresh new look." Ha!=3D20=3D20

He also once painted a white tiger, and Sigfried & Roy, who have a cl=3D
service, caught wind of him and invited him to their compound to paint th=
tigers! I think he spent a few weeks there. Is that cool or what?=3D20=3D=

At art fairs, because he is so shy around strangers, Ryan would just set =
and paint, and before you knew it, he'd have a crowd watching and lining =
to buy his work.

I bellieve that most of us involved in artistic pursuit have our champion=
s. And=3D20
whether their support is small or huge - how many of us could persist wit=

Take care!