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through the eyes of an artist.

updated thu 26 jan 12


Frank Gaydos on wed 25 jan 12

Nicely produced interviews with artists. No potters but some sculptors.=3D2=
Through the Eyes of an Artist.=3D20
=3DC2=3DA0A series of 18 television programs produced as modules for 6 half=
r shows that aired on CBC, local commercial stations and PBS in the United =
States. Provided here in their entirety.=3D20

http :// www . mediaonecom .com/through-the-eyes-of-an-artist/=3D20

Frank Gaydos=3D20

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as=3D20
when they do it from religious conviction"=3D20
Blaise Pascal.=3D20
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